Access Control

Transponders & Visitor Passes

When you arrive for the first time, bring your closing packet and the gate attendant will make a copy of the top page to establish you as the new owner in our security system. You will be given a transponder form to fill out and return to either the north or the main gate at your convenience. They will give you a 30 day gate pass and you will get an email from our gate security app called dwellingLIVE.
When your account is activated, you will receive an email from dwellingLIVE. Go to to set things up. For easy access, you can download the dwellingLIVE app from the App Store. This will also allow you to receive alerts about the arrival and departure of guests.

GPS can be unreliable in Big Canoe, but Google Maps is the most accurate digital option. Also, if you get lost, follow the white arrows on street signs, which lead to the four-way stop at the Fire Station and Wellness Center in the heart of Big Canoe’s Village Core.

Moving Trucks

You must schedule and pre-authorize your moving companies for admittance through the North Gate. Only Blackwell Creek homeowners may bring large trucks into the Main Gate. Moving vans more than 36-feet long are not allowed in Big Canoe and must be unloaded off-site, contact Public Works (706) 268-3390 for unloading location information.


Ernest Hensley

Access Control Supervisor

(706) 268-3559

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