Architectural & Environmental Control 

Welcome to Big Canoe! Enjoy the natural beauty and mountain peacefulness that has been valued by all property owners since Big Canoe began in 1972. Big Canoe is an architecturally and environmentally controlled community.
The architectural and environmental controls, established by the General Covenants and Restrictions, are a part of the conditions of ownership of property and of home construction at Big Canoe. These covenants, restrictions and resulting standards are strictly enforced by the Architectural and Environmental Control Department (A.E.C.D.) and its resulting committees, and are strongly supported by our property owners.

Before making any changes to the exterior of your home or landscape, including pruning or removing trees/shrubs, call the AECD at 706-268-3394. The Department can help you develop a plan that adheres to the Big Canoe’s rules and covenants. The AECD maintains a file of basic information on your home.

This includes but may not be limited to colors, septic information and a site plan. If you would like this information, please call or email to set up an appointment.

Architectural & Environmental Control Standards

Big Canoe was established as architecturally controlled community to protect the beauty and integrity of the community along with property values for Property Owners. The Architectural and Environmental Control Department (AECD) establishes the criteria and enforcement policies to ensure this protection.

Tree Maintenance Provisions

The Architectural and Environmental Control Department (AECD) is responsible for administering and enforcing tree and shrub provisions. Property Owner is responsible for the location of all property lines prior to the pruning, removal, or destruction of trees or shrubs.

Submittal Process

The mission of the Architectural and Environmental Control Department (AECD) is to establish and protect the beauty and character of the community and its property values. To maintain standards, submissions for everything from construction to tree trimming to rentals must go through the AECD.
Ask the POA
Treena Parish
Architectural & Environmental 
Control Manager
(706) 268-3394
Ron Davis
Architectural & Environmental 
Control Assistant Manager
(706) 268-3349
Approved Plant List
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