A.5 Amenity and Automated 
Gate Restrictions on Delinquent Property Owners

1. Purpose
1.1. This Rule A.5 defines the restrictions on amenity usage and automated gate access for delinquent owners.
2. Fining and Suspension Procedures
2.1. In addition to established collection procedures, delinquent accounts will also be subject to the suspension of amenity privileges for the duration of the delinquency.

2.2. If a Property Owner has a past due balance of more than thirty (30) days, loss of the right to vote on membership issues will occur.

2.3. If a Property Owner has a past due balance of more than thirty (30) days, the following will apply during the period that the balance remains delinquent:
2.3.a. Loss of all amenity usage rights and privileges for Property Owner, Tenants, and Guests for amenities owned by the Association.

2.3.b. Loss of all member charging and member discount rights.

2.3.c. Loss of right to be a member of a standing or ad hoc committee of the Association or the Board, or elected to the Board itself.

2.3.d. Loss of access to the Member Only section of the POA website.
2.4. If a Property Owner has a past due balance of 90 days or more, the following additional sanctions apply:
2.4.a. Transponders will not be issued, and use of the Automated Gate System will be suspended.

2.4.b. Property Owners who call in or obtain entrance for a Delinquent Property Owner will be fined $100 per entrance of the Delinquent Property Owner.

2.4.c. Property Owner, Tenants, and Guests (including delivery services, repair services, contractors, etc.) may only enter property through visitor lane.

2.4.d. A fine may be imposed in accordance with Rule A.1, General Enforcement Procedures above for violations of these gate access rules.

NOTE: Any account which becomes past due more than 30 days three (3) times or more during any 24 month period will incur the provision of 2.3 above even if the 30 day periods are not consecutive.
2.5. Unless otherwise provided by the POA, this suspension of amenity privileges and Automated Gate privileges will continue until all past due assessments, interest, costs, and attorney’s fees on the account have been paid in full and the account has been returned to a “current” status.
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