A.17 Outside Storage Facility

1. Purpose
1.1. This Rule A.17 specifies the limitations and controls pertaining to the use of the Big Canoe Outside Storage Facility. The Outside Storage Facility is to benefit the current owners and residents of Big Canoe that are “in good standing” in meeting the requirements of the POA.
2. Location
2.1. The Outside Storage Facility is located on Hubbard Road across from the North Gate in a fenced and locked gated area.
3. Approved Vehicles/Items
3.1. Motor Homes: Class A, B, and C

3.2. Fifth Wheel trailers

3.3. Travel Trailers

3.4. Boat Trailers (with or without boats on board)

3.5. Campers (on or off the truck)

3.6. Utility trailers (with or without load)

3.7. Boats- must be covered (for mosquito control)

3.8. Pickup shells (up and off the ground on blocks or jacks)

3.9. Automobiles and trucks (must be covered if the vehicle is exposed to the collection
of water.)

3.10. Approved miscellaneous items stored properly.

3.11. All vehicles must be “movable”.

3.12. Portable enclosed storage units such as a small pod or non-permanent building are allowed: however, they must fit within the space rented.
4. Use of Space
4.1. No dumping will be allowed. 

4.2. If a Tenant leaves Big Canoe permanently, the vehicle/item must be removed within 30 days after departure. Failure to do so will result in Big Canoe having the vehicle/item towed OR placed in the impound lot. Applicable fines will be assessed. Big Canoe POA reserves the right to sell the property after 30 days.

4.3. Overnight stays in the Outside Storage Yard are prohibited.

4.4. Spaces cannot be used to operate a business.
5. Visitors
5.1. Visitor sites are available for up to seven (7) days for Guests of Property Owners. This courtesy parking is free during the seven (7) days. Beginning on the eighth day a $10/day storage fee will be applied to the Visitor and/or Property Owner for storage.

5.2. The maximum length of stay shall be no longer than thirty (30) days.
6. Enforcement
6.1. Violations of this Rule A.17 Property Owners, Tenants, or Guests will subject the Owner to sanctions in accordance with Rule A.1, “General Enforcement Procedures”.
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