A.11 Wildlife Care and Feeding

1. Purpose
1.1. In keeping with the “natural environment” theme of Big Canoe, this Rule A.11 is intended to prevent wildlife from proliferating beyond the means of nature to sustain it, and to prevent wildlife from becoming nuisances or threats to Property Owners, Tenants, or Guests.
2. Considerations
2.1. Big Canoe’s natural environment and its surroundings provide an excellent habitat for all types of wildlife. The term “natural environment” implies nature taking its own course without human interference.

2.2. In abnormal times, if appropriate, the POA may provide wildlife feeding stations that are well removed from homes and home sites.

2.3. Feeding of any wildlife creates an “unnatural” dependence by the wildlife. This can lead to wildlife nuisance problems, instances of property damage, and even threat to human life.

2.4. Bird feeding, while seemingly innocuous, also attracts raccoons that can be a nuisance, and attracts bears that can be a threat.
3. Prohibitions
3.1. Any feeding, intentional or unintentional, of any wildlife, including but not limited to deer, bears, feral cats, turkey and migratory waterfowl is strictly prohibited. This includes feeder stations, broadcasting feed, or otherwise making readily available food (including salt licks) that would be attractive to these forms of wildlife.

3.2. Feeding of birds, except migratory waterfowl and turkey is acceptable but discouraged, however, all feeders must be removed from March 1 to November 30 including hummingbird feeders.

3.3. Feeding of domestic pets outdoors is prohibited as it may attract wildlife.
4. Enforcement
4.1. Violations of the above prohibitions by Property Owners, Tenants, or Guests will subject the Property Owners to sanctions in accordance with Rule A.2, “Violations of a Serious Nature”.
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