Policies & Procedures

Big Canoe Policies and Related Procedures Preface

November 22, 2022

This document contains all Board Policies approved by the Property Owners Association (POA). These policies are subservient to the most current version of the primary governing documents.

These documents include:
Big Canoe Articles of IncorporationBig Canoe CovenantsBig Canoe By-laws
Nothing in the Governance Model (See Reference 3) or in any Big Canoe policies or procedures can override any provision in the above governing documents.

These policies and procedures are intended to provide direction for the business operations of the POA. When needed, the POA Board may make changes, revisions or exceptions to any policy with a simple majority board vote.

The POA, through policies and actions, actively promotes retention of the character and culture of Big Canoe, as defined in “The Character of Big Canoe”.
The Character of Big Canoe
Big Canoe POA Rules and Regulations
Rules and Regulations
Big Canoe POA Governance Model
Ask the POA
Please see the complete Policies 
and Procedures document below to 
view Appendices 1-4.
Policies and Procedures
Complete Document
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