Section 3: Rights Shared by POA & Company, Developer & POA

The POA, the Developer, the Company and the Type "D" Member mutually agree to the reallocation of certain rights previously vested solely in the Developer, the Company and/or the Type "D" Member, as applicable. The POA, the Developer, the Company and the “Type D”

Member shall share the following rights and shall have exclusive jurisdiction and authority to exercise these rights in their respective neighborhoods (i.e., a "POA Neighborhood" or a "Company Neighborhood," as commonly referred to).
1. Approve Builders - Article VIII Section 1
2. Approve Completion - Article VI Section 8
3. Approve Neighborhood Tract Development - Article V Sections 1-5
4. Approve Landscapes -  Article VIII Section 1
5. Clean Neighborhood Tracts and recover costs from the Owners. - Article Section 6
6. Cut surface water drainways, where necessary, Art. VIII in connection with the construction of new roadways, neighborhoods or access to new neighborhoods. - Article VIII Section 2 (f)
7. Dispense pesticides and cut fire breaks. - Article VIII Section 2 (j)
8. Use temporary buildings. - Article VIII Section 2 (j)
9. Approve tree cutting. - Article VIII Section 2(p)
10. Establish wildlife preserves. - Article VIII Section 2(r)
11. Create more restrictive covenants in specified Neighborhood Areas. - Article IX Section 2 (e)
12. Enforce Declaration against Owners. - Article IX Section 4
13. Designate areas for horseback riding. - Class "A" Covenants*: Article TI, Section 2 (c)
14. Approve signs on Lots. - Class "A" Covenants*: Article II Section 2 (y)
15. Establish standards for parking on Residential Lots. - Class "A" Covenants*: Art. II Sec. 2(z)
16. Reciprocal easement to control surface drainage on Golf Fairway Residential Lots. - Class ''A" Covenants*: Article III (d)
17. Landscape and maintain Golf Maintenance Easement Areas. - Class "A" Covenants*: Article III (e)
18. Correct architectural violations with no trespass. - Article VIII Section 1
19. Establish standards for shielding garbage receptacles. - Article VIII Section 2 (e)
20. Architectural Control; provided, Developer retains control over Class "C" property (see Section 1; Section 4, Item 1, below). - Article VIII & Article V, Section 4
*Class "A" Covenants for Single Family detached Dwelling Areas, dated October 8, 1972, were recorded in Deed Book 23, Page 198 et seq., of the Pickens County, Georgia land records and in Deed Book 19, Page 290 et seq., of the Dawson County, Georgia land records.

The Developer shall have the exclusive right to enforce the Declaration, By-Laws and rules with respect to Company Neighborhoods. The POA shall have the exclusive right to enforce the Declaration, By-Laws and rules with respect to POA Neighborhoods.
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