Water Committee


The Big Canoe POA Water Committee is a standing committee of the General Manager as the Water Task Force has completed its mission.  The purpose of the Water Committee is to provide appropriate oversight of the provisions of the Third Amendment of the Trust Deed and the Service Level and Operating Agreement, both agreed to between the Big Canoe POA and Utilities Inc. of Georgia (UIG) on April 18, 2018.  The Committee’s oversight will primarily focus on UIG’s actions relative to improving the water system by deploying capital, improving the efficiency of daily operations, reviewing calculations of proposed water rates and assessing whether the legal provisions of either document have been breached.  The results of this oversight will be reported to the General Manager who will determine what course of action is needed, if any.  The Committee will also advise the General Manager of the need to retain legal, financial and engineering consultants to serve as subject matter experts to assist in representing the interests of the POA and Big Canoe property owners in evaluating matters arising during the Committee’s oversight.


The General Manager will appoint a property owner as the Committee Chairperson. Subject to the General Manager’s approval, the Chairperson will appoint a minimum of four additional property owner members who meet certain qualifications as defined below.  All Committee members are expected to be reasonably available for meetings as scheduled and called by the General Manager or the Chairperson.  The Chairperson and members will be appointed or reappointed as required on an annual basis by the General Manager.  The POA General Manager will serve as an ex-officio member.

John Lamberski,
Tom McGuire, Vice



UIG is a private company providing water and wastewater service to Big Canoe.  On April 18, 2018 the POA and UIG reached agreement on the terms and conditions for their future relationship as defined in the Third Amendment to the Trust Deed and the Service Level and Operating Agreement.

Membership Qualifications

Committee members must be Big Canoe property owners in good standing who have professional experience, skills, and abilities that contribute to accomplishing the committee’s charter and who possess the subject matter expertise required.


The Committee may use the services of a consultant/consulting company, provided that consultant/consulting company will add value to the results of the Committee’s efforts. Use of any consultants must have prior approval by the General Manager.


The Committee reports to the General Manager and jointly establishes with the General Manager the parameters within which the Committee will function.  Work outside those parameters will require the General Manager’s approval. Committee members will at times be delegated authority to gather information and data on behalf of the Big Canoe POA and represent themselves in this capacity as Big Canoe Water Committee members.  However, members shall not have the authority to speak on behalf of the Big Canoe POA nor contractually obligate the Big Canoe POA in any manner.  Anticipated spending is to be defined and must have budget concurrence from the General Manager.  General Manager approval will be required if the use of any paid resources is planned or if other expenses cannot be covered from within the existing POA budget.


Keeping property owners informed and collecting property owner input is a critical requirement. The Committee will develop a communication plan that includes periodic updates to the General Manager and the community.  The Committee will host community coffees or other special community meetings as required to provide information and obtain property owner input.


John Lamberski


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