Racquet Club Advisory


The Racquet Club Advisory Committee is an advisory resource providing ideas and member feedback to improve Racquet Club programs, facilities and membership encompassing Tennis, Bocce and Pickleball.


Mission Statement

The Racquet Club Advisory Committee’s mission is to play a role in enriching the tennis, pickleball and bocce amenities member experience.


The Racquet Club Advisory Committee consists of 5 Property Owners, one of whom will serve as chairperson, chosen by the Head Racquet Professional and Director of Amenities with approval of the General Manager.


Members must be Property Owners in good standing. The members are chosen for their interest in building membership and activities in Tennis, Bocce and Pickleball.


Reporting & Authority

The Racquet Club Advisory committee advises the Racquet Club Manager and the Director of Amenities through the Chairperson, and reports to the Board of Directors through the GM. The committee is advisory, and has no authority to direct activities of the POA staff, incur any expenses on behalf of the Association without prior authorization, or obligate the association in any way.


The Chairperson may be appointed annually for a one-year term by the Head Racquet Club Professional and Director of Amenities. The chair may be appointed for consecutive years, but in no event for more than three consecutive years. Committee members will be appointed annually. Committee members may be appointed for consecutive years, but in no event more than three consecutive years.  In the event a member resigns at any time, a replacement will be selected by the chair to fill out the duration of that person’s term.

  1. Committee Members may be removed from the Committee by either the Chairman or the General Manager for cause. Causes may include, but are not limited to:

  2. 1. Any act of harassment or abuse toward POA Staff.

  3. 2. Participating in the reckless or intentional misrepresentation of
    information related to the Racquet Club or POA.

  4. 3. Failing to maintain a “Property Owner in Good Standing”, status with
    the POA.

  5. 4. Failing to disclose to the General Manager any personal or business
    relationship that represents a conflict of interest for the committee
    member making a recommendation for a specific vendor or contractor.

Meetings are held monthly but committee chair can call special meetings if deemed necessary. Meeting Minutes will be kept for each meeting with copies provided to all committee members, the General Manager, and posted on the POA Website.


This Charter is adopted effective July, 2023.



Karen Bachman - Chairperson


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