Programs, Events & Clubs

The Mission of the Programs, Events, and Clubs Committee (PECC) is to develop, coordinate, and support activities in Big Canoe that enrich the quality of life for our Property Owners and Guests.


  • The Programs, Events, and Clubs Committee shall:
  • Ensure the continuity of the life enriching programs the HOA passed to the POA in July of 2015
  • Coordinate with the POA to identify, promote, and execute Community Programs and Events
  • Be a resource for other volunteers and staff who desire inspiration and support for developing and enhancing life enriching experiences for our Property Owners and Guests
  • Act in an advisory capacity to the Association’s General Manager and Community Events Manager
  • Provide feedback and recommendations to the POA Staff and POA Board relative to the Committee’s mission when requested
  • Maintain an active list of volunteers willing to assist in the planning and implementation of a wide variety of programs and events
  • Actively promote participation in Community Programs, Events, and Clubs
  • Approve, review and oversee all applications for Clubs (sanctioned or non-sanctioned). Sanctioned clubs of twenty or more participants may utilize Big Canoe meeting space as available at no extra charge; non-sanctioned clubs may utilize space, if available, for the prevailing fee as revised and reviewed from time to time.
  • Act as a working Committee on the day of Events


The Programs, Events, and Clubs Committee consists of 7 - 12 Property Owners or spouse of a property owner, one of whom will serve as chairperson, nominated by the committee and approved by the POA Board of Directors. The other Committee Members will be selected by the committee as a whole and confirmed by the Board. The Committee may enlist a large number of Program Volunteers to support programs and events; they will serve at the pleasure of the Chairman for the duration of the planning and implementation of specific events.

Suzanne HarmanChair - 2024
Margo Vallone2022
Kimberly Eschenbach2023
Susan Rolader2024
Tina Marie2024
Shawn Beyer2024
Karen Steinberg2024
Nancy Derajtys2024
Richard Hanley2026
Roger Sulhoff2026
Kay Herndon2026



Committee members must be Big Canoe POA Property Owners or a spouse of a property owner, in good standing and eager to provide meaningful voluntary assistance in support of the PEC Committee’s Mission.

Reporting & Authority

Committee members report to the Chairperson who works closely with the Community Events Manager. The Committee reports to the Board in an advisory capacity and has no authority to direct activities of the POA staff, incur any expenses on behalf of the Association without prior authorization, or to obligate the Association in any manner. 

Role & Scope of Work
  1. The Committee will develop and nurture a volunteer base to work in support of the Committee’s Mission and be a conduit for input from Property Owners regarding PECC issues. The Committee will provide recommendations.

The Chairperson may be appointed for consecutive one-year terms, but shall not be appointed for more than three consecutive one-year terms. Committee members shall be appointed for two terms (2 years), running from January 1st to December 31st of each year and may be appointed for one additional term. Should a member resign at any time, a replacement shall be selected by the chairperson to fill the duration of that person's term and confirmed by the Board. The Chairperson, in collaboration with the Community Events Manager and/or General Manager, will select new members to fill vacancies on the committee as terms expire or upon member resignations. 


Committee Members and Program Volunteers may be removed from the Committee by either the Chairman or the General Manager for cause. Causes may include, but are not limited to:
● Any act of harassment or abuse toward other volunteers or POA Staff
● Participating in the reckless or intentional misrepresentation of information related to the POA
● Soliciting for personal gain while acting as a committee member
● Soliciting bids for products or services without express written approval of the General Manager
● Failing to disclose to the General Manager any personal or business relationship that represents a conflict of interest for the committee member making a recommendation for a specific vendor or contractor
● Missing three consecutive Committee meetings or more than 25% of the scheduled meetings in any 12-month period
● Failing to maintain a “Property Owner in Good Standing” status with the POA
● Refusing to work/staff a scheduled community event without advanced notice

  • This Charter is adopted effective on July 21, 2015. Revised March 19, 2019, revised May 26, 2022.
Meetings & Administration

The Committee will meet once a month. Minutes will be kept for each meeting with copies provided to all committee members, the General Manager, and posted on the POA website. The Chairperson must also ensure that information on the Website, such as membership, charter, and minutes, is current. The Chairperson will keep the record of current membership of the Committee and the ending date of each member’s term. The Chairperson is to review the Committee Charter annually and reconfirm or recommend changes to the General Manager.


Suzanne Harman


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