Conservation Committee


To protect and enhance Big Canoe’s most valuable asset, its unique natural environment that is critical I preserving our special “Big Canoe Way of Life”. This includes management of all wildlife, wild flowers, shrubs, forests, meadows, trails, lakes and streams, invasive insects and vegetation, as well as light, noise, air and water pollution, and a community wide educational program to keep both current and new Property Owners informed and involved.



The committee shall consist of a chairperson, selected by the General Manager and approved by the POA Board, and other members as needed, selected by the chairperson and/or subcommittee chairpersons. The typical maximum membership per subcommittee will be eight including the chairperson. Terms shall be according to the General Charter.


Property Owners on the committee must be members in good standing in the Big Canoe Property Owners Association and show an interest n preserving the natural environment of Big Canoe.

Reporting & Authority

Committee members and subcommittee chairpersons report to the committee chairperson who in turn reports to the General Manager.


The committee has no authority to commit POA funds but will participate in planning capital and expense budgets with appropriate department heads. Spending of budgeted funds will be the responsibility of the departments. All non budgeted expenses shall be approved according to the POA Approval and Procurement Policy. Solicitation of funds, other than those coming for the POA, shall be first approved in writing by the General Manager.

Role & Scope of Work

To implement, when necessary, and revise the Strategic Plan of the “Big Canoe Conservation Task Force”, dated August 7, 2009, and approved by the POA Board in 2009.

The Chairperson, General Manager, and any other person (s) needed, shall review the actions and plans of the committee annually at budget time, the time and place to be set by the General Manager.

Meetings & Administration

Meetings of the whole committee and individual meetings of each subcommittee shall be held as needed. Minutes shall be provided to the Chairperson and in turn the General Manager. A list of committee and subcommittee members and descriptive information will be posted on the POA Website. Minutes of full committee meeting shall also be posted.


This Charter is effective August 5, 2010.


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