Article XI: Residential Property Maintenance

A. Each Property Owner shall keep and maintain all portions of the lot and the exterior of all structures located on the lot in a neat, attractive and safe condition consistent with these Standards, and Rules or Regulations and Covenants and Restrictions. This maintenance is critical to maintaining property values.
1. The following apply to Improved Lots or Buildings:
a. All developed properties are to be maintained free from deterioration, damage, or rot.

b. The exterior surfaces of homes are to be properly maintained and repaired/replaced/repainted as necessary with approved colors.

c. Mildewed/faded/rusted exterior surfaces are to be cleaned and repainted/restained as necessary.

d. Roofs and gutters are to be kept clean of debris.

e. Any maintenance that involves an exterior change, including repainting, shall require prior approval of the AECD.
2. All property is to be kept cleaned of debris. The accumulation of trash and debris on any lot is prohibited.

3. Maintenance for culverts located under the driveway is the responsibility of each Owner. These culverts shall remain clear of debris so that water may flow freely.

4. Multi-Family Residences must meet the requisites listed in IX. A.1
a. In addition, each Neighborhood Association may have individual design guidelines for exterior repair and improvements, which are modified from time to time. Modifications must be approved by the Association’s Board and then by the AECC. See individual neighborhood by-laws for specific details and neighborhood unique guidelines.

b. All exterior alterations, including repairs and replacements, shall be approved by the neighborhood Association Board prior to undergoing the required AECD review.
B. Properties are inspected frequently for compliance with these Standards.
1. The BCPOA staff may enter properties for purposes of such inspections. During some AECD inspections, properties may be photographed for possible non-compliance with these Standards. 

2. AECD will provide written notification of a violation to the Property Owners via US Mail.

3. AECD has the authority to impose monetary or other sanctions for violations of these Standards.

4. Unless the POA BOD or its designee determines that an emergency exists, the Property Owners shall have 45 days to complete the maintenance or repair. If the POA BOD or designee determines the completion of the maintenance or repair is not possible within such time period, Property Owners shall commence replacement or repair within 45 days.

5. If the POA BOD or its designee determines that an emergency exists or that Property Owner has not complied with the demand given by BCPOA, as herein provided, BCPOA may provide such maintenance, repair or replacement at the Property Owner’s sole cost and expense, and such costs shall be an assessment and lien against the Property Owner and the lot.
C. All Common Areas are maintained by the BCPOA/Developer.
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