Article II: Architectural and Environmental Control Department

A. The mission of the AECD is to establish and protect the beauty and character of the community and property values.

B. AECD is the BCPOA representative charged with review of submissions for design, construction, and maintenance. This authority derives from the BCPOA Bylaws and BCPOA Board of Directors.

C. The AECD Manager conveys submission acceptance or rejection as well as ensures compliance during site inspections.

D. Notwithstanding these site inspections, the Property Owner is responsible for compliance of Covenants, Standards, and BCPOA Rules and Regulations.

E. In addition to Standards applying to new construction, they also govern any exterior change or modification to present structures or grounds.

F. AECD is responsible for violation notices and fines in accordance with BCPOA Rules and Regulations and these Standards (ARTICLE V).
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