Article I: Purpose of Big Canoe POA's Architectural & Environmental Standards

A. The Purpose of the Architectural Standards is to assist Property Owners in developing and improving their property within the restrictions and controls established by the Amended and Restated General Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions of Big Canoe Property Owners’ Association (BCPOA) and Big Canoe Company, dated March 26, 1988, as amended (hereinafter referred to as Covenants), and to ensure the Architectural and Environmental Control Standards of Big Canoe (hereinafter referred to as Standards) are properly applied. These Standards for design, construction, and maintenance of property are in addition to and supplemental to the Covenants.

1. Big Canoe is an architecturally and environmentally controlled community. The power for this control is vested in BCPOA Board of Directors (BOD).
2. The Architectural and Environmental Control Department (AECD), with BOD approval, may establish criteria and enforcement policies that exceed existing County, State, and/or Federal requirements; however, rules laws, ordinances, and regulations of Dawson or Pickens County, the State of Georgia, and the Federal Government have precedence over these Standards.
3. Property Owners should receive a copy of the Standards (formerly called “Guidelines”) when they purchase their property. If not, a copy can be obtained from BCPOA or printed from
4. Property Owners should provide their Builders and Contractors and Landscapers with a copy of these Standards.

B. All those who are allowed to work in Big Canoe must meet specific minimum requirements.

1. Builders and General Contractors must be a currently Georgia Licensed Residential Contractor as defined in OCGA § 43-41-2 (9), possess General Liability and Workers’ Compensation Insurance as defined in Appendix A – BUILDER'S INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS.
2. Sub-Contractors (electrical, plumbing, landscape installers, general, utility and others) must have current General Liability insurance, current Workers’ Compensation insurance and appropriate Georgia business license(s) for the county in which they are providing services. It is the responsibility of the Property Owners to ensure contractors have the appropriate credentials and insurance.
3. Circumstances which result in the loss of privilege to work in Big Canoe, include, but are not limited to, the following:
a. The Builder has no building activity in Big Canoe for a consecutive three year period.
b. The Builder’s Compliance Deposit or General Liability Insurance is allowed to lapse.
c. Big Canoe POA has claimed the Surety Deposit to secure the satisfactory completion of a house being constructed.
d. There is a third violation of these Standards within a twelve (12) month period.
e. The business entity under which the Builder/Contractor operates is dissolved or restructured.
f. A home is not substantially completed in accordance with the approved submittal.

C. Environmental concerns are multi-leveled: local, county, state, and federal. Property Owners must know of and abide by the environmental requirements of Big Canoe, county, state, and federal entities. Big Canoe promotes designs which address conservation and incorporate “green” building practices and materials.

D. In the event of an emergency requiring remedial activity (such as fallen trees or roof failure) covered by these Standards, the Property Owners or Builder should contact Big Canoe Public Safety at 706-268-3376 immediately to notify the BCPOA of the nature of the emergency and what action is being undertaken. In instances where there is danger to property or persons, immediate steps should be undertaken to prevent further damage or loss. An after–the-fact submittal appropriate to the circumstances is required to be filed with AECD as soon as possible.
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