Propane Consortium

Blossman Gas has been providing service to the Big Canoe Propane Consortium since 2014. For more than 68 years, Blossman Gas & Appliance has been servicing families throughout the Southeast, growing to over 76 branches in 16 states. Blossman is a full-service propane company that provides everything from appliance sales, installation and service. The family-owned company offers a wide variety of propane products, ranges, cooktops, water heaters, generators, gas dryers, and gas fireplaces. 

Call Blossman Gas at (770) 386-6268 for more information.

Big Canoe Propane Consortium

Currently, there are 1390+ members in our consortium, all of whom have saved at least $.63/gallon during the past heating season. Just as we did last year that resulted in the aforementioned savings, the management committee is working with Blossman to set a pricing profile that would include guaranteed not to exceed price ceilings for the next couple of years.
That work will continue as the team studies and monitors fluctuations in the marketplace. For obvious reasons, that information and work is closely held by the members of the committee so as not to compromise our supplier’s efforts on behalf of the community.
Finally, pricing information is forwarded only to the consortium members and is meant for the consumption of our consortium members only…not to be released to other suppliers.
The strength of the propane consortium is our collective commitment to one another and to the community. As a gentle reminder, if a consortium member chooses to have another supplier fill your tank at any time, that homeowner is automatically removed from the benefits of the consortium for an entire year.
IF YOU ARE NOT YET A CONSORTIUM MEMBER, contact Dee Lathem (our Blossman account manager) at 770 386-6268 or Dick Scharf at 706 579-2053 for details.

Charter of the Propane Consortium Management Committee

JUNE 2017

In 2005, a dozen Big Canoe homeowners who used propane joined together for the purpose of negotiating better group pricing and delivery terms from a local propane supplier.  As interest in this approach increased, additional homeowners joined, creating a group with growing influence and buying power.   Realizing the potential for all members of the Big Canoe community, the organizers solicited sponsorship of the Big Canoe Home Owners Association (hereafter HOA) both to extend the benefits of an organized propane buyer’s group to the entire community, as well as to enhance the purchasing influence of the group.  The Big Canoe Propane Consortium (hereafter the “Consortium”) was officially established.
By 2012, the Consortium had grown to over 900 members, representing annual propane purchases by homeowners and Property Owners Association (hereafter POA) facilities in excess of six hundred thousand dollars.  Recognizing the complexity of the program and its importance to the community, the HOA established the Propane Consortium Management Committee (hereafter the “PCMC” and “Committee”) and staffed it with experienced volunteers.  In 2015, the POA assumed the responsibilities of the HOA to include the Propane Consortium.


The PCMC shall be comprised of five volunteer voting members recruited and selected from the Big Canoe community at large and approved by the POA board of directors.
Committee members shall be recruited in accordance with the following criteria:  
• Energy industry expertise;  
• Contract negotiations experience;   
• Familiarity with commodity and/or futures trading;   
• General business experience; and  
• Legal knowledge/expertise.

Committee members shall serve for a term of three (3) years.  A committee person may serve successive terms subject to the approval of the committee members and the POA Board.  A member may be removed from the Committee by the majority vote of the PCMC if it determines that the member has not served or been able to serve in a manner satisfactory to the Committee.  Replacement members may be nominated by the PCMC, subject to POA board approval.

A Chairperson shall be elected by the unanimous consent of the Committee and approved by the POA.  The Chairperson shall serve a term of one year.  The Chairperson may serve successive terms subject to the approval of Committee members and the POA board.


The Committee at its discretion and upon a majority vote of the five sitting committee members may appoint retiring (existing) committee members to an emeritus (non-voting) status. The PCMC shall be a standing committee of the POA Board and shall be vested with the full responsibility for the operation of the Consortium, including establishing and managing the relationship with the selected supplier of propane.

Specifically, the primary PCMC responsibilities shall:  
• Identify prospective vendors.    
• Pre-qualify prospective vendors to establish that their resources and supply arrangements can fulfill all projected Consortium needs.  
• Prepare a formal request for proposal and distribute to prospective vendors every three (3) years, but in no event less than every five (5) contract years.  
• From bids received, subject to detailed review and analysis by the Committee (including, if appropriate, meetings with prospective vendors); select, subject to POA Board approval, the vendor offering the best combination of price and willingness to partner with our Committee to preserve and enhance the character and nature of Big Canoe.  
• Establish operating procedures for vendors and members.   
• Through the Chairperson, act as the interface between members and the selected vendor to address member concerns and ensure compliance with the terms of the contract.  
• The chairperson will be the primary point of contact in all discussions with vendors, other than in scheduled committee meetings.  
• Meet periodically (but in no event less than quarterly) during the contract year to review the performance of the Consortium and address any operational issues, providing minutes of these meetings to the POA Board.  
• Any and all other responsibilities set forth herein to manage and maintain the success and viability of the consortium.


The PCMC shall report to the POA Board.
The PCMC has the responsibility and decision making authority for operation of the Big Canoe Propane Consortium.  However, the POA Board may take any action it deems reasonable and necessary, up to and including dissolution of the relationship between the POA and the PCMC, if it determines that the PCMC has exceeded its authority as covered by this charter.

A current Director of the POA Board shall be a non-voting member of the Committee representing the POA and shall act as liaison to the POA board.

The Committee authorizes the POA Liaison to represent its activities and decisions to the POA Board on its behalf.


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