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The Big Canoe POA wants to keep all the residents and visitors of Big Canoe up to date on current events and happenings within and around Big Canoe through multiple communications channels.


Inside the Gates is our online news page where you can find recent articles and stories about Big Canoe clubs, organizations, committees and the various POA amenities. For a direct link to the blog visit or click the “news” tab on our website.
Inside the Gates

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Inside the Gates: Inside your Inbox
Inside the Gates: Inside Your Inbox is the weekly newsletter summing up most newsworthy, time-sensitive Big Canoe info. The newsletter goes out at noon every Thursday.
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Sign up for the Important Updates email list and you will receive only emails that contain the most important updates and information from Big Canoe POA.
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Emergency Text Messages

Stay safe in Big Canoe by opting into the Big Canoe texting system, which sends text alerts to your mobile device during times of major weather events, emergencies and road closures. It’s the fastest way to get vital information when you need it most.
To opt in, simply go to the homepage of the POA website, and click "My Big Canoe," where you will log in to your POA account. Then, click the “My Profile” button; and scroll down to the “Text Messaging Address.” To the right, click "edit"; select your service provider; write in your mobile phone number; and when prompted, input the code that’s texted to your mobile device. And you're set!

Big Canoe Events and Happenings

Fan of social media? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @bigcanoeeventsandhappenings for the most timely posts concerning news, important updates, and key info on events and happening in Big Canoe.
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Delaine Faris
Director of Communications 
& Community Engagement
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