Big Canoe has 175 Bocce members and counting, who play this social sport year round. Join in on the fun today!

Bocce, aka “Italian lawn bowling”, is a social game that does not require a great deal of physical prowess. It is a sport that combines socialization and sportsmanship for people of all ages and physical skills. Big Canoe Bocce is played on four courts at the Wildcat Recreation Center. Anyone is welcome to play on these courts; however, we would encourage you to join Bocce to really enjoy this game. There is a fee for non-member play.

Bocce has two seasons of play, spring and fall, and is played using four green, four red and one white ball which is smaller and called the palino. The idea of the game is to come closest to the palino with the red or green balls. Each team consists of four players, two on each end of the court, taking turns rolling their color ball and whoever ends up with the most of their color balls closest to the Palino get the points for that round. It’s that easy! It does get interesting when the other teams knock your ball or the palino away and take the points away
from your team, but that makes it more challenging and fun.

Four Bocce courts are located at the Wildcat Recreation Area and can be reserved through the link above or by calling the Racquet Club.

Bocce Teams & Leagues

The league is always looking for new members. Bocce Membership is required to join the league. You only need four team members to join the league or you can join as a substitute to take the place of regular team members who may not be able to play a match on their team schedule.

During the scheduled season matches, team members bring a snack to share and their choice of beverage as it is a great way to socialize, meet new people from the community, make new friends and just have fun.

Each season consists of an opening day with lunch and a fun tournament. The season closes with championship games played by the top conference leaders, and then an awards banquet where there is a nice dinner and prizes awarded to the championship winners and conference leaders.

Bocce membership includes unlimited use of the bocce balls and courts, two non-resident guest passes, 20% discount on tennis soft goods items, and family guest rate equal to property owner rate.



(706) 268-3367


Tennis & Pickleball 8 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Bocce Court 7 a.m. - 9 p.m.

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